ADWISE RoadMap / Gantt for Microsoft Power BI

The most flexible and the most comprehensible Power BI certified visual for reporting plans, schedules and roadmaps. Clearly presents your project, product or campaign plans, or plans of whatever else that can be time-scheduled. Present your phases as well as key milestones. All in a one-page view. It doesn't matter how long period of time you need to show, or what you want to put focus on. Almost one hundred settings will adjust the graphics to your presentation and your company design needs.

Now available version 3.0 with a lot of new features - zoom/scroll, tree/table hierarchy, group/subgroup, additional column, plans/baselines, hour time interval and many new formatting options to make your roadmaps visualy appealing and easy to use for viewers ...

The component is based on a long-term experiences of our consultants who have designed hundreds of management and analytical reports for companies of all sizes. It's been created to present your PowerBI time-plans in front of - even - the most demanding audience.


Reporting of projects and tasks


Microsoft Power BI

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Case study

Project Management Office

Phases and milestones say it all

What would you like to report? Phases only? Milestones as well? Want to see your phases grouped? Do you need to color-code your phases by groups? By categories? By their status? It is all possible thanks to the set of configuration options. The component supports color settings for the tens of categories of the phases and milestones, 5 various milestone shapes, 5 numeric intervals for color-coding states of the phases and 5 more for the states of the milestones. Highligth, what's important for you to say.

Additional config options: show / hide group name, group labels text format, group dividing lines settings, phase bars width setting, show/hide phase label, phase label font format and size, phase label font color, show/hide detailed description of the phase, phase text overflow handling options, milestone shape choice (diamond, square, triangle, circle), milestone color coding, milestone text formatting, show / hide and location of milestones' dates, show/hide area for showing long explanatory descriptions of the phases/milestones below the graphical schedule.

Two timelines = overview and details according to your scale

Is your presented time period short? Maybe one timeline will suffice. Do you want to show shorter intervals within a context of a longer term? Use two timelines. Their placement is your choice. Interval label can be placed on the interval's boundary or in the middle of the interval. Would you like your chart to start at he beginning of a quarter and end at the end of a quarter? A year? A week? Turn on a "nice range" setting and the plan will function just like that. Supported intrvals are: day, week, mont, quarter, year.

Additional config options: show / hide axis, placement of the axis, interval length of main axis, interval length of additional axis, display unit of main axis, display unit of additional axis, show / hide gridlines

Show where you are today and where you want to be in a month

Are you reporting a project where it's needed to show where you are today? Show the "today" line in the schedule. Name it, style it, and everyone will know. Additionally, similar line can be shown for one other date in the chart. It can be used to show, where you want to be in the future.

Additional config options: show / hide, line color and style (solid, dotted, dashed), text format and color, text position (on the left or or the right of the line)

Formatting by your needs

Font type, size, weight and style are configurable for every text field. For particular fields a color can be set as well. This allows you to adjust the roadmap to your corporate identity.

The published roadmap can be shared online, accessed via mobile devices, or integrated into MS Teams for virtual teams collaboration.

Should you wish to use our roadmap configuration services, or be missing a setting, or should a special, corporate version of the component be needed for your company, please contact us at

Pricing plans

For 30 days you can try the visual out free of charge with full functionality. Afterwards, licenses are available for purchase for particular number of report creators/designers. No additional licenses are required for users viewing the reports.

Live Web Demo

Take a look live at the demo file to see visual right away without downloading anything.

Trial version

Our component can be tried out for free for the period of one month. To get your license key for the trial period, only your email is needed.

Enterprise license subscription

Individual offers for corporate clients using MS Power BI Pro / Premium / Report Server / Embedded. Contact us for requesting a price offer.