Our team has expert knowledge and personal approach.

During our careers, we gained experience as managers in Czech and foreign companies, as well as in global multinational corporations, consulting companies, state amonistration and start-ups. We manage complex projects for leading Czech and foreign companies, especially in the financial and automotive industry. We are the team consisting of project maangers, analysts, IT experts, programmers and data-scientists. For the duration of our cooperation with clients we become a part of their company. We are open-minded and we like personal approach.

Erik Dianiš Erik is one of the three founders of our company. He has been its leading member for 20 years now and embodies the creative and visionary soul of the company. Erik is an experienced consultant and manager, specialized in creating fresh innovative digitized solutions of business intelligence. He is a passionate about agile digital technologies.
Martin Fojtík Martin counts among the founders of the company. He is responsible for the operation of the company and he maintains the bigger picture. He is an experienced consultant and manager with experience and knowledge in process management. He has managed many projects of process optimization, KPI definition and reporting. Martin is also one of the members of our running team.
Pavel Nevický Pavel is a long-time support of the company. He is responsible for sales and human resources. Pavel managed a lot of complex international projects, he is an experienced consultant with a deep knowledge of financial services. He graduated from Kellstadt School of Business in Chicago. In his free time, he is a skilled trainer of little rugby players :)
Zdeněk Musialek Zdeněk has a profound experience in process management. He focuses primarily on financial institutions. He is skilled in optimization of capacity utilization of the workers and is also experienced in sales management and business model setting. Zdeněk is the heart of our marathon team :)
Barbora Horváthová Bára is the creative element of our team and she brings the feminine insight to the company. She takes care of company image and corporate identity. She loves marketing, networking and organising of events. She also takes care of internal communication. She is keen on systematization and simplification. She likes being creative and loves surrounding heself by inspiring people :)
Michael Zítek Michael has excellent ICT knowledge. He specializes in process automation, designing and developing of apps based on client’s requirements. He utilizes his larg experience from project and ICT management. He has implemented system controlls in several companies. When Michael doesn´t work on some ICT solution, he enjoys sport, travelling and taking photos.
Martin Horváth Martin is our experienced consultant and a long-time team member. He has a unique ability of analytical thinking and has a profound experience in project management in financial services, state administration, transportation and power industry. He specializes in the creation and implementation of concepts and enjoys searching for the most efficient solution.
Martin Krúpa Martin is our talented IT guru – he leads IT projects from analysis through development, implementation and testing to their management. He has outstanding experience and knowledge in project management and process analysis – especially in process efficiency improvement. Martin is a musician and sportsman in his body and soul:)
Michal Hrabec Michal takes advantage of his experience in managing of start-ups as well as in designing critical applications when looking for smart and simple solutions. When he is not consulting, you can for sure find him running or traveling. And afterwards, he enjoys writing about that (not only for himself but also for magazines and blogs) :)
Stefan Josef Stefan leads the AI and data science initiative at ADWISE. Having experience as both data scientist and project manager, he combines technical expertise with a practical product-driven approach when solving analytical problems for clients. When he’s not building ML models, Stefan enjoys hiking and playing guitar.
Petr Nádeníček Petr is our experienced business consultant and analyst. He focuses mostly on projects in financial services, power industry and real estate. Petr has a long-time professional experience in consulting and audit services in Big4 as well as in multinational corporations.
Jindřich Pokora Jindra is a member of our data scientist team. He takes the advantage of his knowledge of statistics, econometrics and practical business management, particularly in the areas of tactical and short-term planning in his work. He is an expert in predictive analytics and customer segmentation.
Simona Bilková Simona is a member of our Business Intelligence team, she focuses on data analysis and process management. She utilizes knowledge of both law and economics. Simona is very detail-oriented and focused on the most precise outcome to be delivered. She likes tea with milk:)
David Rajchman David has several years experience in finance and banking. He worked as a bank relationship manager for small companies and also in retail, where he participated in a project introducing new internet banking for retail. David focuses on process management – requirements definition, modelling, capacity usage and optimisation.
Marek Vosecký Marek has participated and spearheaded many successful projects in the role of a business consultant and project manager of optimization initiatives. With his extensive experience he covers customer processes as well as back-office operations.
Martin Novotný Martin is skilled in Business Intelligence. As a data architect, he uses his long-time experience of an analyst in many projects across industries.




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