What type of licenses are available?

Currently, we provide free, trial and Enterprise license. Free and Trial license are meant to try our visual free of charge. If you intend wider usage of our visual in your company – 1 and more report creators and/or usage within Power BI Report Server or Power BI Premium – you have to apply for Enterprise license. License is not limited with number of report viewers.

Can I try visual free of charge?

Yes, free version can be obtained through Microsoft Appsource. Only limitation of free version is watermark („free version“) in the background. We want you to have full experience of our visual, so all features are accessible in free version.

What are the benefits of trial version?

Trial version of visual is free of charge, fully capable and without “watermark”. Trial version is limited for 30 days, after that, license key expires and watermark will be visible again. We only need your contact information (email) to send license key. No registration required, you can apply here.

How can I purchase Enterprise license for visual?

For Enterprise license, we will need more information about your company and intended usage of visual (number of users, etc.), so you will be asked to fill contact information together with email. Usually within 2 business days, we will contact you to set up the terms of usage and price. For enterprise license, you can apply here. Enterprise license is usually valid for one year.

How can I pay for the visual?

For Enterprise license, it is possible to pay only by credit card (only Visa and MasterCard) or by bank. We are using GoPay payment service, which is widely respected and secure.

Is there any additional tax charge on top of list price?

For corporate customers (with VAT number filled): CZ = price + 21% VAT; EU = price without VAT; non EU = price without VAT. For individual customers (without VAT number filled): CZ = price + 21% VAT; EU = price + 21% VAT; non EU = price without VAT.

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