Customer Satisfaction with Adwise Satisfacto

Satisfacto provides a comprehensive user satisfaction analysis of mobile applications, products, and services. Our platform is a cost-effective tool for evaluating the large volume of user reviews on the Internet. Clear, visually attractive dashboards and reports provide you with unique customer feedback regarding the application or the product.

Market Benchmarking
Well-arranged statistics of how your app’s ratings stand in comparison to your competitors. Trends evaluation and major changes highlights.

Customer Voice and Journey
Categorize review content to track and evaluate customer requirements, app issues, popular features, and other attributes.

Innovation Pace
A clear roadmap showing versions of competitors’ applications over time, including release descriptions and key functionalities evaluation, describing the impact of versions on the app’s rating.

Custom Analytics
The possibility to quickly customize reports and analytics according to your requirements. Continuous improvement of the platform with new features and analytics.

Satisfacto Key Facts

Structured feedback

Our platform allows you to quickly and accurately evaluate unstructured data from the Internet, including user reviews, comments, posts. Satisfacto provides a structured and detailed view of customer satisfaction and experience with mobile applications and standard products.

Machine Learning for reduced costs

A high degree of automation and the use of machine learning allows us to offer a cost-effective solution for processing and evaluation of large amounts of data – user reviews and posts. The solution contains a wide range of pre-prepared dashboards, reports and analysis allowing easy customization and editing.

Data points for decision makers

The Satisfacto platform offers unprecedented structured and detailed data evaluation. The results it provides allow you to analyze product features, including user opinion sentiment, and to compare product features with the competition.


Customer Satisfaction Analysis


Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power BI


Package of dashboards and reports, advanced analytics


Software as a Service, Report as a Service, Market Analysis


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Microsoft Azure + Microsoft Power BI

Our solution is built on Microsoft's modern cloud technologies.
The platform can be used in the cloud or easily integrated into your own environment.

The use of advanced machine classification and machine learning delivers high scalability,
wide possibilities of use and a highly relevant customer satisfaction analysis.