ADWISE RoadMap – ChangeLog

Version 2.5

NOT YET RELEASED, but there is a lot to look forward! Expected general availability on September 29th
Quick glance at the update bellow.

IMPORTANT! Automatic update from AppSource may cause „swapping“ of mapped fields in current reports – most probably swapping of Axis Y and Group fields. You have to remap the fields back. And in some cases, there can be variations in Category settings (colors, …) for Milestones.
We are sorry, but we hope, that the large set of new features compensates for a possible rework. Thank you for understanding.

New features

  • Tree hierarchy – expandable/collapsible tree levels within Left Axis with separate formatting and indentation (+ levels can be combined with Group columns)
  • SubGroup – now, you have one more hierarchy level (column) to show in the visual – Groups can be divided to SubGroups
  • Actual vs. Plan in Bars – mainly used for plan or baseline visualisation/comparison
  • Additional info column – now, you have space for any additional information you want to display (for row) – new column with its own title
  • Legend – automatically generated from Category field for Bars and/or Milestones
  • Fiscal year logic – you can set the month for start of fiscal year
  • Time interval/period zoom – now, you can zoom by day/week/month/quarter/year
  • Go To Today – center visual around Today date

Look & feel changes

  • Row background – improved readability – background color can be set independently for odd and even rows
  • Milestones positioning – Milestones shapes + text/labels can be positioned on top or on bottom of the Bars
  • Milestones auto-fit – more flexibility with Bars and Milestones fit within the row
  • More control over Gridlines – gridlines for rows and time intervals On/Off and coloring
  • Group background – background color of the Group text/label can be set
  • Left Axis – Left Axis line can be turned On/Off, letter spacing for Left Axis labels/texts
  • Time Axis – height of tick marks can be set for main and additional time axis

Version 2.1

General availability end of August 2021

  • Milestones
    • New Milestones shapes – line, star, flag, lightning, triangle down, hourglass, „x“, „>“, „<"
    • Now, you can use up to 20 categories of milestones
  • Bug fixing
    • Landing page – shows „ADWISE“ landing page only with empty visual, otherwise blank/white page is shown while loading visual
    • Not correct lenght of time axis (too much blank space on the right side) is fixed
    • Sorting for long text strings and numbers is fixed
    • Correction of the height of bars when Today and/or Target line are shown (no more shrinking)

Version 2.0

General availability on April 7th 2021

IMPORTANT NOTICE: With this version, you will have to remap your Description and Value fields in the visual (if you use them) after visual update. Remapping means only to drag these fields from your source data to corresponding boxes in Fields pane in Power BI.

  • Completely new zoom/scroll functionality (new formatting menu Zooming)
    • Zoom – now you can zoom your RoadMap to see more details or fit larger datasets – you can set the zoom by button (+/-) in the bottom left corner or by percentage – both horizontally a vertically
    • Scrolling – once your RoadMap does not fit into visual area (e.g. when zooming), scroll bars appear
    • Fixed height of rows – you can set up fixed height of rows, thus the rows remains the same when you filtering, adding more data etc.
    • When zoom/scroll is not desired for end users, you can switch it off
    • Zoom/scroll items (+/- button and scroll bars) automatically disappears after 1 second when mouse off the visual area
  • Progress bars (new menu item in Bars formatting menu)
    • You can show progress within the bar with the same, but lighter (saturated) color
    • Color saturation (for the „progress“ part of the bar) can be changed in the same menu (from 0.1 – 0.9)
    • Progress is based on the Value field (this field has to be mapped to show progress)
  • Look & feel changes
    • Bars – different types of edges/corners (square or rounded) to better suit your graphical preference
    • Left axis – right/left label alignment and text wrapping
    • Standard Power BI font added – Segoe UI
  • Other
    • New sample files with Hints & Tips how to work with visual
    • Blank screen appears when visual filtered with no data to show (instead of the standard landing page)
    • Sorting field can be used with larger sorting strings (up to 100 characters)
  • Bug fixing
    • Blank space no longer appearing above and under the visual when large dataset mapped

Version 1.5.1

  • Bug fixing
    • Coloring by Group for Axis Y
    • Filtering outwards to other visuals (on page)

Version 1.5.0

  • Only 3 fields needed to render visual
    • Now you can map only Axis Y, StartDate and EndDate to render visual – all other fields are optional
  • Basic and Pro features
    • If Basic features are used, the visual is rendered without watermark
    • Pro features – using fields Group / Category / Value / Sorting
  • Groups
    • Separate formatting section, Groups are now independent from Axis Y
    • Can be hidden / shown independently of the Y Axis
    • New formatting options in this section – fonts, sizes, text orientation (horizontal/vertical) and text wrapping
    • Group labels text color options – fiexd color, or can be colored by groups
  • Left Axis
    • Can be hidden / shown independently of the groups
    • Coloring by Group color possibility or individual coloring option for Axis Y labels
  • Bars
    • New option for Default Bars‘ color (applied to all Bars, if do not have Category defined)
    • Fixed labels and description text flowing out of the bar area
  • Milestones
    • New option for Default Milestones’ color, size and shape (applied to all Milestones, when Category field is not defined or mapped)
    • New formatting option to change the size of the milestone – you can adjust the size of milestones – independently by Category
    • When Milestones text/labels overlap you can opt for hide text or show only last one
    • Milestones are now with white border – to see them all when shapes are overlapping
    • Up to 10 milestone categories are now supported
    • Coloring by Groups possibility
    • Added new milestone shape „+“
    • Milestones can be shown without text, only shapes – new setting – show text on/off
  • Tooltips
      Original “Tooltip” was renamed to “Info Panel” (see bellow)
    • Added standard Power BI functionality for standard tooltip and individual page tooltips
    • Tooltip shows values of all mapped data fields of the Bar or Milestone over which mouse is pointed, unmapped fields are hidden
  • Labels
    • New separate formatting section allows to set labels for fields shown in tooltips and Info panel (fields Groups, Axis Y etc. to suit your needs (e.g. Axis Y = „Projects“ or Axis Y = „Campaigns“ or you can localize the names of fields)
  • Info panel (former Tooltip)
    • Info panel under the RoadMap shows all fields from RoadMap for selected Bar or Milestone
    • Info panel field labels are defined in Labels section
  • Bug fixing
    • Filtering – when filtering, report colors (e.g. of categories etc.) remain the same
    • Adding new data – categories color remains the same
    • Overflowing description text in a bar – when description text in bar is shown and it is overflowing from a bar, the overflowing lines are hidden
    • Description text in a bar position – when bar’s label should be hidden due to overflow („on text overflow“ is set to „hide“), the description text (if shown) is positioned properly within the bar

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial version


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