ADWISE RoadMap – ChangeLog

Version 1.5.1

  • Bug fixing
    • Coloring by Group for Axis Y
    • Filtering outwards to other visuals (on page)

Version 1.5.0

  • Only 3 fields needed to render visual
    • Now you can map only Axis Y, StartDate and EndDate to render visual – all other fields are optional
  • Basic and Pro features
    • If Basic features are used, the visual is rendered without watermark
    • Pro features – using fields Group / Category / Value / Sorting
  • Groups
    • Separate formatting section, Groups are now independent from Axis Y
    • Can be hidden / shown independently of the Y Axis
    • New formatting options in this section – fonts, sizes, text orientation (horizontal/vertical) and text wrapping
    • Group labels text color options – fiexd color, or can be colored by groups
  • Left Axis
    • Can be hidden / shown independently of the groups
    • Coloring by Group color possibility or individual coloring option for Axis Y labels
  • Bars
    • New option for Default Bars‘ color (applied to all Bars, if do not have Category defined)
    • Fixed labels and description text flowing out of the bar area
  • Milestones
    • New option for Default Milestones’ color, size and shape (applied to all Milestones, when Category field is not defined or mapped)
    • New formatting option to change the size of the milestone – you can adjust the size of milestones – independently by Category
    • When Milestones text/labels overlap you can opt for hide text or show only last one
    • Milestones are now with white border – to see them all when shapes are overlapping
    • Up to 10 milestone categories are now supported
    • Coloring by Groups possibility
    • Added new milestone shape „+“
    • Milestones can be shown without text, only shapes – new setting – show text on/off
  • Tooltips
      Original “Tooltip” was renamed to “Info Panel” (see bellow)
    • Added standard Power BI functionality for standard tooltip and individual page tooltips
    • Tooltip shows values of all mapped data fields of the Bar or Milestone over which mouse is pointed, unmapped fields are hidden
  • Labels
    • New separate formatting section allows to set labels for fields shown in tooltips and Info panel (fields Groups, Axis Y etc. to suit your needs (e.g. Axis Y = „Projects“ or Axis Y = „Campaigns“ or you can localize the names of fields)
  • Info panel (former Tooltip)
    • Info panel under the RoadMap shows all fields from RoadMap for selected Bar or Milestone
    • Info panel field labels are defined in Labels section
  • Bug fixing
    • Filtering – when filtering, report colors (e.g. of categories etc.) remain the same
    • Adding new data – categories color remains the same
    • Overflowing description text in a bar – when description text in bar is shown and it is overflowing from a bar, the overflowing lines are hidden
    • Description text in a bar position – when bar’s label should be hidden due to overflow („on text overflow“ is set to „hide“), the description text (if shown) is positioned properly within the bar

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial version


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