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Processes has been still a current topic

We have been engaged in process improvement for more than 20 years now. In our long-time practice, we have successfully accelerated, simplified, automated, enhanced the quality, increased the efficiency and automated many business processes. We have adopted many practical and methodical approaches to map, measure, evaluate and improve processes. Topics in process management has been developing and changing constantly, however the processes remain at the forefront of the management’s interest.

Just like your process office

An experienced team, rational methodology, modern technology, knowledge of the industry and mastered procedures all together create a comprehensive service for the purpose of process improvement. A lot of our important clients combine their own intern resources with the capacities of our project analysts, consultants and project managers.

Digital processes and platforms

Saving in manual activities is one of the areas where we have always been achieving improvements. We reduce activities with no value added, we also simplify processes and automate activities which do not have to be necessarily done manually. People can then focus their capacities to work with the value added. Our team is able to analyse the process, design the improvement proposal and then implement it. For a process digitalization, we use BPM (business process management) platforms, which enable a fast creation and integration of process applications.

An innovative potential of processes

We are not just technocrats. We know that there are people behind processes. There is always a potential to improve processes, people responsible for the processes have always had a lot of ideas and impulses. An improvement program which supports the innovative initiatives of employees should be as well a part of the process management. We develop and work with suggestions from within the organization to support the ability to innovate processes continuously.