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Mobility has became a priority

Increasing penetration of all mobile devices and the level of their utilization has a significant impact on the field of reporting (Business Intelligence). For last several years mobility and analytics have belonged to the top priorities of IT investment. Managers demand up-to-date, credible and user-friendly reports and analysis that are easily accessible on cell-phones, tablets and laptops.

We will create and deliver reports to your iPad

We consider every single report and dashboard to be a product. We move forward quickly and flexibly, from mapping the data sources, data integration, the reports’ design drafts to their final implementation.

We are pioneers in mobile reporting

We have already launched projects in mobile reporting in 2012. For several years, we had been working on the development management of mobile dashboards, analysis and reports. We hve also participated actively in a project focused on improving of a mobile BI platform of SAP Business Objects.

Agility as a discipline

We combine agile techniques of project management and development with design principles of management. We minimalize client’s labour-intensity, we use feasibility concepts, make prototypes, verify technical feasibility and we do test thoroughly.