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The customer determines everything

The time when the customer bought everything that the market offered him has been gone by now. Both private consumers and company customers are way more picky thanks to new technologies and accessible information. Their expectations are very high and the loyalty to your brand might be threatened even with the slightest stumble. Besides the brand management, it is the entire customer experience that requires a tight cooperation and a systemic approach of all company departments which directly and indirectly influence customer satisfaction.

A satisfied customer wherever you look at

Can you imagine a situation when you were maximally satisfied with the product, however the experience with customer care or service was utterly terrible? The key to a content and loyal customer is to offer him a consistent positive experience while trying to fulfil any kind of demand, ranging from the purchasing process, delivery, customer care, to a customer service or even the termination of the contract. We will assist you to create a frame of key customer journeys, as well as identify and consequently determine the priorities of potential of customer experience improvement across all the communication channels which the customer might use.

You cannot improve what you do not measure

The measurement of customer satisfaction in key moments of product life cycle is indisputably the basis for identification of the pain points or potential for improvements of the customer experience. However, it is not just about the monitoring of numerical values, but mostly about the categorisation and qualitative analysis of problems and their causes. Based on our long-time experience in many industries, we can help you to design and implement a system for measurement and evaluation of customer satisfaction so that the acquired feedback will become the key ingredient of your company’s growth.

Innovation and improvement

We are advocates of a holistic approach to business challenge solving. There definitely exist areas where even a tiny change in communication or product can implicate a huge positive effect on the business. We are systematically looking for these opportunities, nevertheless, we always take into account these four basic pillars of the positive change – people, product, processes and systems. It has been repeatedly proven that in case that one of these pillars does not work properly, in long term it cannot be compensated with an excellent performance of the remaining three. Therefore, we aim for the balance of those pillars in all of our projects (no matter how big they are), both in the phase of change suggestions as well as during their implementation in the cooperation with client.