AI Consulting

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We help your company master the AI transformation

Our experienced and interdisciplinary AI transformation task force consists of a project/program manager, data scientists, business analysts, a data engineer as well as an application developer to cover the entire product development process. We will work closely with your stakeholders to define the key metrics you want to optimize, your domain-experts to identify the most promising AI use cases and your IT department to address potential risks and constraints.

We commit to deliver tailor-made solution for our clients

You don’t need to invest in expensive AI platforms from large service providers to try out how AI can benefit your company. We start by building simple PoCs and prototypes to quickly verify the value proposition of your use cases. From there we will scale up by building production-ready machine learning pipelines and test them rigorously, integrate our solution into your existing processes and systems and create actionable outputs such as interactive BI reports or web applications.

We will find the right use cases for your company

Nowadays every company has data which can be turned into useful insights. To give a few examples, you might have large amounts of text data (e.g. emails, contracts, customer feedback) which can be categorized automatically, you might be a manufacturing company which can leverage computer vision to identify broken parts or products, you might have transactional or sensor data which can be used for anomaly detection or you might be an e-commerce start-up that needs help with building a recommendation system. Together we will find the right use cases for your company which can be solved with the current state of AI and turn them into valuable solutions.

We make big data and small data work

By leveraging recent advances in deep learning architectures and training procedures, AI is no longer just applicable to big data problems. Since labelled data is not always available from the start and labelling by hand is expensive, we have focused in earlier projects on delivering valuable AI solutions based on algorithms that have been trained on as little as a few hundred labelled examples. We aim to find effective forms of human-machine collaboration which allows your organization to roll out AI solutions early under human supervision and gradually let the algorithm work on its own.