Microsoft Power BI custom visual development

Isn’t it time to replace your old Power Point report with a modern, interactive and dynamic Power BI version? Do you need to improve your Power BI report’s visual impact and explanatory power? Do you miss a suitable visual component in Power BI? One way or another, we will develop a tailor-made solution for you.

Clearer picture, faster response

Benefits of custom visuals

The growing complexity of data poses a challenge to process owners on how to best depict the reality. Proper data visualization supports the right decisions, controls, and escalations. The desired explanatory power of reports is not always achievable with standard tools. The custom visuals development in Power BI allows you to overcome these limitations and improve the actionability, responsiveness and user comfort by report recipients. This enhances your teams’ agility and collaboration. Power BI reports can be displayed online, on mobile devices or embedded into Microsoft Teams.

Implementation steps

If you have an idea of what your report, dashboard or visualization should look like, schedule a meeting with our Custom Visuals team. You can describe your idea verbally or on a piece of paper and we will convert it into a functional solution. The joint testing of the application, its documentation and user training are the standard. The development of our visualizations is guided by our best practices and industry standards that ensure the fulfillment of requirements to customer satisfaction, compliance with project parameters and the delivery of a purposeful, powerful and stable application.

Security certification

Microsoft certification of the application can be a condition for the app’s deployment in your organization. The requirements and the course of certification are determined by Microsoft. If you require application certification, we will provide everything you need and deliver the application already certified. However, certification takes some time, typically 3 to 6 months.

Duration and costs

The average duration of the application development depends mainly on the app’s complexity, but it usually takes 4-6 weeks. If necessary, it is possible to agree on express delivery within 3 weeks. The cost of application development also depends primarily on the required functionality. After specifying your requirements, we will send you a final fixed price offer.


Microsoft Power BI


Design & Development of PBI visuals

Average duration

4 to 6 weeks


Fixed price


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